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Gold Price Charts The world price of gold is constantly changing across the major markets including the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), Comex in New York, Tocom in Tokyo and the Shanghai Gold Exchange with smaller exchanges in Istanbul, Moscow, India and Singapore. The price of gold bullion shown on the gold price graph above is for 24 carat gold (99.99% purity). By default, the price of gold chart shows the current gold price in troy ounces and pounds sterling (GBP). Investors should take note that the troy ounce, a unit often used to measure precious metals, is not the same as the common kitchen ounce. The troy ounce is around 3 grams heavier, at 31.103g. The weight options above the graph can be changed to view the gold price in grams (g) or kilograms (kg). Our gold value chart is the perfect way for investors to track the recent trend in the gold price. Whether you are looking for the right time to buy or sell, or simply want to see what the current gold price is, this is the chart for you. In addition to the current gold market price, we also display the weekly change, as well as the low and high price of gold for the week. The gold bullion price is available in different forms, used by different parts of the market. The most common gold price quoted by dealers and used for most transactions is the gold spot price, as shown on our graph above. The spot price for gold is issued Monday – Friday with the gold market closing 22:00 – 23:00 GMT each night. The gold price market also closes at the weekend and certain bank holidays, so you will notice our gold price graph shows a flat line during these periods. The LBMA also issue their own gold price twice a day, known as the LBMA gold price. As this price of gold fluctuates far less it is typically used for large trades, where the constant fluctuation in the value of gold in the spot price could have much wider implications. Gold Price in Dollars or Euros The gold price charts can be viewed in different currencies to show the gold price in Dollars (USD) or Euros (EUR). As the currency customers will be buying and selling in however, the gold bullion price UK will offer the most immediate value. Gold is primarily valued in dollars, which means for investors in other countries price movements may be down to currency fluctuations rather than changing demand for the metal. For example, if the gold bullion UK price has risen, this could be due to the pound falling in value, requiring more pounds to buy the same ounce of gold. It can be useful for investors to check the gold price in dollars to see if that has also moved, or if the movement is only in the UK gold price. Comparing the movement of the gold price in different currencies allows us to gain a better perspective on the changes in the value of gold based on demand for the precious metal, rather than just the fluctuations in the value of a specific currency. The changing values of currencies is one of the key reasons people invest in gold. Although we have long abandoned the Gold Standard, many central banks and private investors alike aim to hold a portion of their wealth in gold bullion, due to the universal belief in the value of gold. While fiat currencies are prone to inflation and many have come and gone throughout history, gold bullion has always been considered a precious commodity. Gold Rate The gold rate shown on most charts is for pure 999 fine gold, which is the typical purity used for investment gold. Although there isn’t a gold rate chart for other purities, it is very easy to calculate the value of lower purities of gold as long as you know the purity in carats. To calculate the 9ct gold rate for example, you simply take the 24ct gold rates and multiply it by 0.375. Below is a handy table to make it simple to calculate all the gold rates for the most common purities of gold found in jewellery. This will allow you to calculate the value of gold for any unwanted scrap jewellery you may have. Gold and Silver Price At BullionByPost we have charts available for the gold and silver price, as well as platinum, palladium, and Bitcoin charts. This gives investors a convenient way to track the mayor precious metal prices in one place, all with our up-to-date pricing and wide range of customisation options. In addition to the gold and silver spot prices, investors can also access our gold – silver ratio charts, for another useful graph for tracking the value of these two precious metals compared to each other. Precious Metal Prices As a commodity, precious metal prices are ultimately decided by supply and demand. If there is high demand for gold from investors, central banks, jewellers etc, and supply struggles to keep up, then gold prices will begin to rise. This is most common during periods of economic turmoil, when investors turn to gold to protect the value of their savings. In contrast, in periods of economic stability demand may fall, and the gold price would also fall. Our price charts help investors to see the trends in the price of precious metals around the world, allowing them to build a picture of what direction prices are moving in, and spot opportunities for buying or selling. Gold Price Alerts Our gold price alerts are also a great way to follow the recent gold trend without checking our charts on a regular basis. Simply select the percentage change, or specific gold price target you have in mind, and our gold tracker will email you to let you know when it’s been reached. Whether you want to know when a specific gold value for selling has been met, or tracking the trend through multiple gold prices, these alerts go straight to your inbox alongside a handy link to the relevant gold charts on the site so you can easily see what’s happening to the price of gold. For those looking for further information on why the price of gold is moving, we regularly post updates on the major economic events on our gold price news, social media channels, or through our email newsletter. Digitalcoin is an important and decentralizedpeer-to-peercryptographic coin not managed by any central authority. DigitalCoin is created for stability, security, and ease of use. The aim of stability is inherent in the economy's structure and the nature of the community. The platform is enhanced for better performance and is considered ideal for receiving and sending transactions worldwide. DigitalCoin is a genuine, free-to-use, and usable coin with numerous vendors and methods to purchase different items, including software, hardware, steam games, jewelry, precious metals, food, etc. DigitalCoins are mined by donating processing power to safeguard the DigitalCoin network. The miners can obtain rewards proportional to the computing power. After the coins are mined, the coins are sent and acquired by any individual residing in the world. The platform features include: Buy and Sell Online: Users can utilize DigitalCoin to transact conveniently without any border, government interference, or chargebacks. Also, on the platform, DigitalCoin can be altered to any coin, along with coins like USD, Ruble, Euro, Yuan, etc. Choose the Storage: Users can easily store, receive, and send DigitalCoins by utilizing their PC, Android, Mac, or Linux. Individuals can also develop a paper wallet for long-term hold and keep the DigitalCoins entirely off the network. Secure the Capital Transactions: The DigitalCoin network is strong, responsive, and vigorously developed. The platform uses advanced techniques in technology and cryptography to form a truly universal coin strategy. The system is fully distributed, and no one has the right to say anything about it. Hence, using DigitalCoin for transactions is simple and convenient on the platform, and users experience what an instant, free, reliable, and secure coin can supply to individuals and businesses.

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